Signs You Need Make-Up Air


The lack of make-up air in a building can cause serious problems. Many times the problems are not even recognized and show themselves in ways that most people do not think about. A properly designed and installed ventilation system provides environmental control by avoiding negative pressure. Uncontrolled infiltration of air through window sashes, doors and

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Fume Collection Design

Many industrial facilities have the unique challenge of capturing dust, fumes, and smoke produced during various industrial processes such as welding. Proper design of fume collection systems is crucial in order to effectively remove fumes from a space, particularly when that space is limited. At Fluid Engineering, we offer comprehensive fume collection design services, including weld fume collection design.

Our Fume Collection Design Services

An effectively designed dust collector incorporates multiple components for proper functionality – these include the motor, control panel, blower, cabinet, filters, and safety features. At Fluid Engineering, Inc., we can diagnose your current system and evaluate your existing dust and fume production to determine the best fume collection design configuration that provides clean air in your facility for your employees and equipment.

Benefits of Our Fume Collection Design Services

The benefits of a properly designed fume collection system include improved respiratory health, enhanced plant productivity, and energy savings.

  • Improved Respiratory Health: A correctly designed and maintained fume collection system maintains facility compliance with current air quality standards and prevents respiratory problems among employees.
  • Enhanced Productivity: It is vitally important for welding fumes to be managed properly in order to protect the continuity of plant operations. Many plant controls and computerized systems are highly sensitive today and the operations in these plants can shut down if welding fumes are not removed promptly and efficiently. This can lead to unnecessary downtime and losses in productivity.
  • Energy Efficiency: You can see your energy costs reduced significantly through the installation of an effective fume collection system. This is particularly true in cold climates in which filtered air can be recycled, lessening the requirement for costly substitute air.

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